Discovering the Psychic Abilities in You

Psychic ability is being able to do things beyond normal and natural human capability, also often termed as psychic powers. And there many people in this world with such psychic powers from which they can see, predict and do things most people cannot understand or think of doing it. There are many theories that suggest everyone is born with some psychic abilities but some are born with the power to discover it at early stages of life while others take time. And there are many people who will never or cannot discover their psychic abilities. But however, it is also believed that such abilities can be learned and practiced. Though there are many theories and experiments to prove such abilities in some people, there is no clear explanation for the existence of psychic abilities. But do I have psychic abilities has become one of the common and most curious questions to mankind?

Born with Psychic Ability

While common theory and belief suggest all are born with certain psychic abilities, it is hard to say for sure as most people do not recognize it though they have experienced one. If your question, in general, is “do I have psychic abilities?” then the answer is yes you do. If you think about it, there have been times when you get a good or bad feeling about doing something or going somewhere. For example, you would have come across people telling you something like “I wanted to go there but somehow had a bad feeling about it so did not go”. This is nothing but an indication of something wrong that is going to happen that avoids people from doing certain things. Everyone gets this feeling some or other point of time in life. And there are people who constantly get such feelings and that is called prediction which is one of the powerful psychic abilities. Everyone has this power in them from birth but some people simply experience them more frequently or more the indication is simply more powerful. Prediction is the power what most fortune tellers rely on and suggest you if what you want to do would be right or wrong. Some people with stronger prediction power may see or dream things that could happen in near future.

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Do I have Psychic Abilities

Knowing if you have psychic abilities may not be difficult with positive attitude and confidence in mind. The best way to find out is to observe yourself and things happening around you and look for something unusual that goes in your mind.

  • When you go out or about to do something do you get a bad or good feeling?
  • Has something in your dream in the past occurred in your real life?
  • Are you able to judge right from what other person is thinking in mind?
  • Have you experienced instances where you looked at something and it moved or fell?
  • Have you thought about something very strong in your mind and it happened?

These are few questions you can ask yourself and observe if something unusual like these has happened or happens to you. And if it does and you are able to discover then chances are you can develop them to make those abilities stronger in you. If you want to develop then the first step should always be positive thinking. Read about your ability and how to improve on it. Make sure you always think that you are improving and gaining control on it each day. You need to relax, meditate and improve your concentration. Try to observe yourself more carefully every day. There are many books and theories from which you can develop your own psychic power but it needs time. But the best way is to keep practicing and trying to apply your power wherever possible. Every time it works, you are getting closer to gaining control on it.


Some of the Psychic Abilities in Humans

Some psychic abilities are very intense and powerful enough that people around you can see or experience too. Such powers are also termed in most cases as black magic or dark powers used for the purpose of causing harm to someone or something. So your question should truly do I have psychic abilities to avoid bad things and do good things to yourself or people around you? Some people simply use the powers to entertain people through magic.

There are different types of powers:

Psychometry is an ability to read the past history of a person or an object by accessing memory left in the matter. This helps to know what has happened with the person or the object in the past so they can identify and treat a problem related to memory loss or even to person facing sleeping problem due to constant disturbing dreams that may be the result of actual incidents in the past.

Telekinesis or Psychokinesis is the ability to move or influence any object without any physical force but by the power of mental thoughts or also termed as will-power. Everything that exists has some level of consciousness which a person with telekinesis ability can control and make things move. This needs a lot of practice and concentration.

Teleportation is another special ability that allows a person to move an object or any person from one place to another with help of vibration energy to allow molecules of that object to separate and recombine at another place to assume its original form as soon as the energy is withdrawn.

Telepathy is a way to communicate with others without any physical or any other communication medium. It involves transferring of ideas, thoughts, and emotions into the mind of a person without talking or looking at them. This is something we all use on daily basis without our own knowledge. When we talk to someone our thoughts convey impressions through telepathy that supplements out words. This helps others understand what we exactly are trying to tell or explain them. But with constant practice and focus, one can develop this ability to become more powerful to control other’s mind.

There are various such special abilities that can be found in humans but the ultimate question should be, do I have psychic abilities to stop bad things and help good things from happening. Because, those powers are not intended nor should be intended to harm others, but only to help yourself or someone around you.


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