Love and Romance Up in the Air

Couples always love to stay together and have fun as long as they can. They do a lot of activities together that make their relationship stronger with more fun. Going out for movies, candle light dinners, shopping, traveling and cooking, etc are some of the activities couples most commonly enjoy indulging in. But some couples are just not satisfied doing what best every couple does. Some love to take their love and romance to adventurous levels in life.

Love is in the air

Everyone feels that love is in the air when they are with their lovers or spouse. But some couples simply take this seriously by actually letting their love up in the air by doing some daring and adventurous stuff. This is about couples who really do some fun and daring activities in the air with help of parachutes, hot air balloons, helicopters or airplanes. And just how they manage to do it is simply amazing. There are many options if you want to try some adventures in the air with your partner and there are many tour organizers who help you do that.

Hot Air Balloons

Hot air balloons are one means of air travel but have been popular among couples who travel high in the air and exchange their wedding vows. There are many couples around the world who got inspired and have tried this out. Hot air balloons rise to high altitudes slowly and gradually that makes is perfect for a relaxing and romantic ride up in the air. The experience of watching your surrounding slowly go under you and a view that allows you to see everything as you go up is truly beautiful and can be memorable. So hot air balloon is one ride that gives couple beautiful experience yet adventurous. This is also perfect for those who are scared of heights because of slow motion you won’t feel scared so much.

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Fly High

I am not talking about sitting on a plane and taking a city ride. I am talking about you with your couple flying the plane yourselves and cruise the city or nearby forest. This requires couples going through a crash course in flying enough to fly a two seated private airplane. You can either go with your wife and surprise her or simply take your girlfriend on a ride and propose her high up in the air. It is the most thrilling activity for couples who dare for some adventure.

Para Drop

This is obviously the most complicated stunt that requires training and professional assistance. Flying in a plane to reach a high altitude from where you and your partner can jump and land on a surface by a parachute sounds really the most adventurous stuff. This activity involves going to heights that can bring shivers to your body but definitely would be the most thrilling and breathtaking activity. You will usually be accompanied by a professional to make sure you land safely.

Para Gliding

This is one of the most beautiful activities in the air as you glide from heights of a mountain right to the bottom of it. This not so difficult but you need to be prepared to face the high altitudes and control the glider as you descend. This is the perfect activity for couples as both can hang on to a single glider.

Bungee Jumping

This is difficult of all the tasks as you are not going up but coming down from high up in the air and with your partner accompanied it can be adventurously romantic.

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