Rich Looks with Indian Wedding Wear

Weddings in India always represent the rich culture and traditional values with every aspect of it. One of the most important things for people in Indian weddings is wedding wear. Everyone loves to dress traditionally on such occasions and love to showcase their ethnic dressing. While clothing becomes very important for the bride and groom, it shows no less importance on the guests who are invited. Even they come in rich and ethnic dressing for weddings.

Wedding wear offers various options to men, women, and children. Be it bride and groom or the relatives and guests who participate in the wedding, there is always something for everyone. Men can choose from clothing like Kurta Pyjama, Sherwani or Dhothi and Jubba with footwear to suit them like Juthis, Kolhapuri Chappals, and Mojaris. Women usually choose between saree and ghagra choli but then they have a variety of fabrics, designs, patterns and colors to choose from. These standard options are available in sizes for kids too.

Often, clothing in Indian weddings has the highest level of prominence for the brides. Thus Indian bridal clothing is most expensive of all. The clothing does not just involve saree or a ghagra but a lot of things that goes with it. The bride usually chooses from accessories, footwear, jewelry and even makeup to perfectly match the dress they wear. Sarees as such for a bride is the most expensive part as there are sarees made from pure gold and silver threads too. Every wedding in India is grand and people spend a lot on dressing on these occasions. You can find hundreds of stores in every corner of India where you can buy dresses, jewelry, and accessories. And Indian bridal clothing is a major sector in the clothing industry.

The demand for new designs and patterns to suit changing fashion trends has made way for many fashion and apparel designers in the industry. And they strive to invent and improve on new designs to make bridal clothing look unique from each other. People spend a lot on clothing during the wedding and it is the time when they do not bother spending a fortune on even a single saree. This has forced manufacturers in using pure gold, silver and gemstones in designs of sarees and ghagra making it most expensive clothing.

So if you are going to an Indian wedding, you are sure to see crowds of people with rich and traditional clothing.

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